Your Girlfriend Needs Space - Giving Her What She Wants Without Losing The Woman You Love

Published: 17th December 2009
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How do you handle a breakup when everything appeared to be going so well? How do you get yourself back together when you are blindsided by the worst possible news? What you should not do is take any advice from your friends. They have the best of intentions but if your girlfriend admits she needs space, let her have all the space she wants and refrain from soliciting advice from your friends as it can be detrimental to getting her back once you grant her wish for space.

You must be aware that you can't convince your girlfriend to change her mind. Often the best cure for a child who keeps trying to touch the hot stove, is to let them satisfy their curiosity and get burned. As painful as it is to watch, if you try to become emotional and beg your girlfriend to take you back and go against her need for space, she will try even harder to touch that hot stove, she will try even harder to pull away from you.

Don't pay attention to your ill-advised friends who might tell you to make your girlfriend jealous. If you try to get a girlfriend to make her jealous, your ex will never come back to you. Your ability to quickly move on will make her believe you wanted to break up all along.

To effectively give your girlfriend space, you must be willing to let her figure out how she really feels. It can be hard to sort out feelings when we aren't allowed enough time with them. Often space, just means she needs to remember why you are so important, or she needs to reestablish some boundaries in life; it can even means she is feeling out of control and unfortunately you have to bear the brunt.

Lastly, you have to realize that her need for space is not a nice way of breaking up with you. See it for what it really is. Once she knows that you love her enough to willingly let her go, and that you support her even when she doesn't make sense, she will immediately realize how lucky she is to have someone so patient and understanding and she will realize how much she needs to keep you around.

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