How Can You Recognize If Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up With You?

Published: 16th December 2009
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Men are often unaware of the subtle signals their girlfriends transmit. This can be very unfortunate when the signals indicate that she is about to break up with him. To a man, a breakup can seem very unexpected. Since he didn't recognize the messages she's been transmitting, he may continue to be oblivious as to what went wrong even after she's gone. So how do you know that your girlfriend wants to break up with you.

Most of the problems in a relationship can be fixed if noticed and addressed early enough. The first warning sign that your girlfriend wants to break up is usually that she seems distant. Suddenly, she doesn't really seem to care what is going on with you. She speaks when spoken to, but not much more. You might not be invited to go "hang out" even if with mutual friends. Of course, if she does not want intimate contact with you, it is a very strong signal that your girlfriend wants to break up. These things indicate that she is avoiding any interaction with you.

Another indication is an increase in fighting. If she doesn't seem to mind making you mad, or if she is much more willing to go into yelling and fighting mode, she may be feeling like she doesn't like being with you anymore.

If you detect these signs, you can fix it before it is permanently broken. Examine your treatment of her. Have you done things for the sake of making her happy or feel good? Have you demanded of her, while being unwilling to give of yourself?

If your girlfriend wants to break up, it is up to you to make some quick and noticeable changes. Find ways to show her all of the little things you appreciate. Take it slow and easy. You must win her over again, even before she leaves, for you may not have a chance once she's gone.

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